• The presence of the Repubblica Serenissima in the Triveneto area over many centuries has moulded the culture and the values of the area, giving it a unique identity to be seen at the highest level of universally acknowledged excellence in the many different fields of human endeavour. The Masi Foundation - and the Masi Prize which is its award - are the creations of Masi Agricola, an historic wine producing company in the Valpolicella region which has belonged to the Boscaini family for seven generations.forward >

  • The mission of the Foundation is the promotion and communication of the renewal of excellence in the Venetian regions at an international level. Sandro Boscaini, President of Masi Agricola and Vice-president of the Masi Foundation, says that the Foundation is his personal way of acknowledging his homeland, its values and culture, of which wine is one of the most historically relevant aspects, and of giving something back, even if only partially.back

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