Between Faith and Reason: the path shown by Literature
Friday 16 November 2012, Società Letteraria di Verona.


You are invited to a round-table discussion on the theme of faith, reason and literature to be held at the Società Letteraria di Verona  in the Sala Montanari, see map. The event includes the presentation of Giuseppe Brugnoli’s book “L’Ironia di Dio, quasi un romanzo” (“The Irony of God, almost a novel”) published by Angelo Colla. In dialogue with Giuseppe Brugnoli are literary agent Marco Vigevani, Don Alberto Marangoni, the director of  Verona Fedele, and Daniela Brunelli, President of the Società Letteraria di Verona.

Entry is free-of-charge, while places remain. Proceedings finish with a cocktail offered by Masi Agricola.

The meeting will be broadcast live on the web:

GIUSEPPE BRUGNOLI:  journalist by profession, has been managing director of the daily newspapers, “Il Giornale di Vicenza” and “L’Arena” from Verona for more than twenty years.
L’IRONIA DI DIO, QUASI UN ROMANZO:  the nameless hero of the story – a young university professor who is neither a believer nor an atheist, but who is bored and unhappy with life – goes on a journey to Lourdes with the aim of proving that miracles don’t exist. He then understands that they actually they do happen during the course of everyday life, without God having to suspend the laws of Nature. The editor invites us to reflect on the nature of faith and on God’s intervention in daily life.

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