15th December

We are pleased to announce the launch event for Isabella Bossi Fedrigotti’s new book: “When the world was in order” (Mondadori), programmed for Tuesday 15 December at 6pm at the Accademia di Agricoltura, Scienze e Lettere in Verona. The author will be interviewed by literary agent Marco Vigevani during the event.

Masi wines will be available for tasting when the launch finishes. Entrance is free-of-charge while space remains.

"When the world was in order" everything was made at home: jams, butter and ricotta. Food followed the seasons with vegetables from the garden, apples, nuts and figs from the country, eggs and meat from the chicken man. The children who are the heroes of this story live in a big house in the middle of thriving winemaking activities at the foot of the mountains. Compared to their school friends and other children they play with – the sons and daughters of farmers, artisans and barrel makers - they live a privileged life. But even their own family, of noble origin, cultivates a style of life that is simple and austere, loathing waste and recognising the importance of little things. And it is actually their attachment to these habits, which most people think eccentric and old-fashioned, that makes these children feel “different” to their peers, and marks them out as such. The reader quickly picks up the fact that this is a story “made out of real events” and has its roots in autobiography. Actually, the author herself says she’s not quite sure where the division between fact and fiction lies. Which isn’t very important for readers; what remains is a book full of atmosphere and story-telling about a particular time in the past, disappeared without trace today.


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