XXXI Masi Prize winner

Masi Prize winner, Andrea Battistoni, is the new director of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. Infant prodigy from the class of 1987, the young  Veronese maestro is the youngest director ever to set foot on the podium at the Scala theatre. His debut as leader of the oldest symphony orchestra in Japan follows a glittering career which has seen him conducting at the Deutsche Oper Berlin, at the Mariinsky of Saint Petersburg, at the Stockholm Royal Opera and at the Fenice Theatre in Venice.

Isabella Bossi Fedrigotti, President of the Masi Foundation, said: “The Masi Prize has always paid homage to the excellence which builds and affirms the individual and global values of the Venetian region. This excellence derives from the strength of character of modern protagonists whose international prestige and fame cannot be underestimated, whilst also requiring us to pay special attention to future hopefuls. Our committment to discover and highlight young talent and creativity – continued Isabella Bossi Fedrigotti -  as we did in 2000 with Davide Paolini and in 2012 with Andrea Battistoni, enables us to give honour to the Civiltà Veneta whilst keeping a careful eye on the future”.

Andrea Battistoni, winner of the XXXI edizione of the Masi Prize, was honoured for having been “an extremely young proponent of the new cultural premise that the resurgence of musical education in Italy is the necessary catalyst to bring about a renaissance of virtuosity”.

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