"L’ultimo Desiderio" directed by Antonio Padovan
The Masi Foundation has readily agreed to help sponsor the making and promotion of the film "L’ultimo Desiderio", as part of its role as an interpreter of the cultural and vinous values of the Venetian regions.

The film is a thriller, based on the novel “While there’s Prosecco there’s hope” by the well-know writer from Treviso, Fulvio Ervas (Pub. Marcos Y Marcos), produced by Verona-born Nicola Fedrigoni (K+), and directed by the talented Venetian youngster Antonio Padovan. One of its leading actors is already known to the Masi Foundation: Giuseppe Battiston won the Masi Civiltà Veneta Prize in 2011 and plays Commissario Stucky on the case of an illustrious murder.

Set in the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene the film traces the conflict between greed and respect for quality in the region, with its locations including the most important and attractive parts of Prosecco land and the Veneto in a sparkling search for the “bubbles of celebrity”.

The Masi cellars were chosen for one scene in the film: the hero, Count Desiderio Ancillotto (played by Rade Serbedzija) appears in the guise as one of the winners of the International Masi Civiltà del Vino Prize and signs the famous barrel of Amarone that has been a symbol of the Masi Prize and its selection of celebrities of our time since 1981.

For Isabella Bossi Fedrigotti, President of the Masi Foundation: “The Foundation’s decision to take part in this project has been taken in the light of having similar objectives – the promotion of the region, its cultural heritage and the great skill and capabilities of the inhabitants of the Venetian regions. Add to that the fact that this is film that has been inspired by, produced in and acted by people from the Veneto in their own region and it becomes clear that this is a good opportunity to support independent cinema by young artists and to promote the image of our lands in the world.”

Release is planned in 2017.

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