Teatro Filarmonico Verona - Saturday 30 September
05/09/2017 - The President of the Masi Foundation, Isabella Bossi Fedrigotti, has revealed today the five winners of the 36th Masi Prize: Emilio Franzina, Paola Marini and Elena Zambon are awarded the Masi Civiltà Veneta Prize, Luigi Moio receives the Masi International Civiltà del Vino Prize; and Yolande Mukagasana is awarded the International Grosso D’Oro Veneziano.
As usual, but with one eye very much on current affairs, the Masi Prize 2017 mixes a concern for the Veneto with a more international dimension.
A key idea is “remembering”, or using the past to understand the present and give foundation to the future. This comes through in the awards to historian Emilio Franzina and activist Yolande Mukagasana.
In the same way, memory and knowledge become expertise in the work of oenologist Luigi Moio, historian Emilio Franzina, Paola Marini and Elena Zambon with her Fondazione Zoé.

The names of the Prize winners and their lives bring to the fore themes that are often urgent and dramatically current for both Europe and our country, as well,” comments Isabella Bossi Fedrigotti. “We trust that this edition of the Prize too, will provide a chance to increase knowledge of culture, which is the only way that positive and considered change can come about.”
Sandro Boscaini, Vice-President of the Masi Foundation and President of Masi Agricola adds: “The Prize winners and their stories are certainly good examples for the younger generation, but they are also an encouragement for us to re-appropriate values that today have become clouded, but which in the past allowed our country to grow, both culturally and industrially, thereby contributing to the general good.

The Awards Ceremony takes place on Saturday 30 September in Verona at the Teatro Filarmonico.

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