Teatro Filarmonico Verona - Saturday 30 September
30th September 2017

Five new autographs – three of them women – for the historic Amarone Barrel Signing Ceremony, part of the Masi Prize, now in its 36th edition. The signatures, made on today, are the result of selection by the Masi Foundation and belong to: Emilio Franzina, Paola Marini, Elena Zambon (Masi Civiltà Veneta Prize), Lugi Moio (International Civiltà del Vino Prize) and Yolande Mukagasana (International Grosso D’Oro Veneziano Prize).


Business and recovery in the Veneto, development, culture, talent for export, rights denied, migratory trends, and genocide, are, in brutally truncated form, the themes of the personalities chosen as Prize winners by the Masi Foundation under its President, Isabella Bossi Fedrigotti. “Memory and tradition – said journalist and writer Bossi Fedrigotti – are too often confused with folklore and junk. They are, however, very valuable, like this Prize that has been a witness to our times for 36 years now.” The creator of the Masi Prize, Sandro Boscaini, Vice-president of the Masi Foundation and President of Masi Agricola said: “There’s a common link between today’s Prize winners and the strength of their various life stories: from rights denied to research, from knowing how to do something to knowing how to communicate it.

There are three winners of the Masi Civiltà Veneta Prize, given to outstanding personalities from the “people of the Veneto”, working in the fields of culture, science and business. The first is the art historian Paola Marini “for her outstanding research in and promotion of the art of the Veneto, through her writings and her management first of all of the Civic Art Museums and Monuments of Verona and now of the Gallerie dell'Accademia in Venice,” is how the citation reads; then there is businesswoman Elena Zambon, who won because of “her success in the fields of research and development abroad with the Zambon Group, but also because of her use of the Fondazione Zoe and the Ethical Code to promote moral and social values in society”. The third winner in this category is author and Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Verona, Emilio Franzina, “who has brought to light the often forgotten history of Italian emigration, focusing on social and political conditions, events that happened on the journey, and migration as an expression of popular art, letters and songs.”

The Masi Civiltà del Vino Prize goes to Professor of Oenology at the Federico II University of Naples, Luigi Moio, “for his merits as a researcher, experimenter, teacher and communicator, which have given him authority in the world of science, and in the institutions and noble culture of viticulture and wine.”

The Grosso D’Oro Veneziano, however - which is awarded in collaboration with Fondazione Corriere della Sera – to people or institutions who spread a message of civil progress, friendship, fraternity and peace among the peoples goes to Yolande Mukagasana. The author of works on Rwandan genocide and already a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, Mukagasana won because she “has succeeded through her force of character, her writings and her speech in transmitting a message of truth, justice and reconciliation, as well as a warning about the conflicts and brutality that are feeding uncontrolled waves of migration, insecurity and mutual intolerance among peoples of different ethnicities.”

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