Friday 31 May, 9.00pm - Teatro Ristori, Verona
We are delighted to announce this event, promoted in collaboration with the “Salieri-Zinetti” International Chamber Music Competition to take place on Friday 31 May at 9.00pm in Teatro Ristori, Verona.

The programme starts with precious pearls from the Venetian Baroque, revisited with modern instruments and modern sensitivities, through declamatory poetry too, up to contemporary classics. Tradition and modernity blend to make a new and exciting language. The performers are the Parels Ensemble, winners of the Masi Foundation Civiltà Veneta Discography Prize for the 2018 “Salieri-Zinetti” International Chamber Music Competition.

On stage:

  • Damiano Grandesso, saxophones
  • Massimiliano Girardi, saxophones
  • Floraleda Sacchi, harp
  • Massimiliano Rizzoli, double bass
  • Titino Carrara, declamatory voice
  • Giorgia Antonelli, declamatory voice
  • Annalisa Carrara, declamatory voice
  • Special guest: Marcello Grandesso, accordion

By invitation only. Celebratory drinks offered by Masi Agricola.

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