XXXII Masi Prize, 5 October 2013
New Prospects For The Future

The future lies in the roots of culture and values of the past that have gone into the making of civilisation. This is the central idea that runs through the 32nd Masi Prize, just now awarded on 5th October in Valpolicella to: Marjane SatrapiGiovanni BonottoGiacomo RizzolattiSergio Romano, and the three winemaking pioneers of  “The vineyards of Venice” project, Gianluca Bisol (Venissa), Michel Thoulouze (Orto di Sant’Erasmo) and Flavio Franceschet (Laguna nel Bicchiere – Le Vigne ritrovate).


Business, social commitment, science, current affairs and winemaking are the fields in which the seven prize winners have distinguished themselves in an award that was set up more than 30 years ago by the Masi Foundation as a celebration of the creativity of personalities and institutions involved in the promotion of the core values for the foundation of society and civil life.

“At this particular moment in history, the Masi Prize is a necessary institution,” said Isabella Bossi Fedrigotti, president of the Masi Foundation. “Today more than ever in fact, we need to show how individual Italians and particular regions can confront a general lack of confidence with business projects and cultural ideas that can provide an innovative social turning point and a sense of encouragement for young people in search of a future.”

“A future which we can only find by rediscovering our roots,” emphasised Sandro Boscaini, vice-president of the Masi Foundation and president of Masi Agricola, continuing with “The lack of vision for a future that is caused by economic crisis can be confronted and overcome only by remaining faithful to our roots, to the values of action and of acting in the right way.”

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