27 September 2014, Verona


Andrea Bocelli, Svetlana Alexievich, Umberto Contarello, Mario Isnenghi and the Associazione Ville Venete (Association of Veneto Villas) in the person of its president, Alberto Passi, have today autographed the historic Amarone Barrel that symbolizes the 33 year-old Masi Prize. Organised by the Masi Foundation, the Prize celebrates the universality and spread of the values of the Venetian regions as seen in business and the arts.

Music, literature, script-writing, history, and winemaking too, are the contexts for this 33rd edition of the Masi Prize which, now in its most developed phase, recognises the great versatility shown in the three sections of the Prize that have been awarded today: International Civiltà del Vino Prize to Bocelli; International Grosso d’Oro Veneziano Prize to Alexievich and Civiltà Veneta Prize  to ContarelloIsnenghi and Alberto Passi.

Recovering the past without the relativisms of history, stripping it of distorted ideologies and the false myths of power and Imperialism; returning to the authenticity of the values of the people and of beauty; and forcefully sustaining the process of international dialogue in a time of heightened tensions. This year’s winners show that these are the secrets to reopening the way to a positive future. In this context, thanks to its ability to transcend geographical borders, culture plays an essential role in pointing the way to a new understanding between peoples that will also lead to a brighter economic future.

“The Masi Prize shows its glocal spirit more and more – says Sandro Boscaini, Vice-President of the Masi Foundation and President of Masi Agricola – making the transposition of Venetian values into international principles tangible, quite apart from any geographic or cultural considerations. The Masi Prize – Boscaini concluded - has not only left its mark but it has also showed us a new way in which the different disciplines of the winners are closely inter-related, giving change a voice without ever forgetting their own roots.”

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