Music from the Veneto

Music is one of the most characteristic expressions of Venetian culture and over the centuries our lands have produced an abundance of outstanding musicians and composers, from Albinoni to Dall'Abaco, from Vivaldi to Marcello and other great composers of the golden age of the Baroque period.
The Masi Foundation is a co-promoter of the "Salieri-Zinetti" International Chamber Music Competition and the institution of the "Masi Foundation" Civiltà Veneta Special Recording Prize is intended to reward the musical talent of the best players of music of the Veneto or those who have taken their inspiration from the Veneto and its people. The result is a yearly CD, made after the signing of a recording contract with the winners of the prize, and a series of concerts in prestigious locations.

This year the Alma Migrante ensemble, winners of the 2011 prize, accompanied an exhibition of tango dancing with music composed by emigrants to Argentina who originally came from the Veneto-Friuli regions. More info >

The next concert in this series will be held on 9 September, when the Alma Migrante ensemble will play tango music in the courtyard of Cantine Masi, Verona. More info >

The winners of the 2012 prize were announced at the event on 27 May at Verona's Philharmonic Theatre. More info >>