The Foundation

The Masi Foundation has as its aim the promotion and development of the territory, the population and the cultural inheritance of the Venetian territories, as well as the skill and productive capabilities that are part of the civiltà veneta (Venetian culture). Particular attention is given to the art of winemaking, which is a special characteristic of the Venetian regions. The Masi Foundation acts at both national and international levels in collaboration with governments, public and private institutions, foundations and other Italian and foreign entities.

The Masi Foundation was established in 2001 as a product of twenty years experience with the Masi Prize to guarantee the continuity of the Prize. At the same time it began a cultural programme to highlight the values of the civiltà veneta that are the inspiration behind manufacturing, cultural and civil progress on an international scale.

On 16th April 2007 the Masi Foundation was given official status as a legal entity by Regione Veneto, with full recognition of its values and statutory aims.

Download here the Masi Foundation profile.