The main theme of the Masi Prize 2023 is ‘Roots and Visions’. Which is a contradiction in terms. But that’s what it must be, because it is the only way forward for all of us who need to cherish our valuable traditions and look forward, or innovate, at the same time. At a time when uncertainty pervades thoughts and behaviours, a concentration on roots presents no obstacles to change, but instead provides the certainty of nourishment in the exploration of new paths. In general, a more appealing communication for young people.

Isabella Bossi Fedrigotti, Presidente della Fondazione Masi


The live streaming of the 42nd edition of the Masi Award will be broadcast from the Pieve di San Giorgio di Valpolicella on Friday 27 October at 6.30 p.m.

le foto e i video della

Scopri le foto e i video della cerimonia tenutasi in diretta streaming dalla pieve di San Giorgio in Valpolicella

Cartella Stampa

Il comunicato stampa, le foto e i profili dei premiati della 40° edizione.


The awards began in 1981 with the Masi Civiltà Veneta Prize, given to personalities who had their origins in the Venetian territories or with venetian family or venetian by adoption, and who had distinguished themselves in the fields of literature, art, journalism, science, the performing arts and business.


The press release, pictures and the profiles of the awarded of the 42° edition.