Filippo Grandi

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Filippo Grandi, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees His work in more than thirty years as a diplomat striving to help millions of refugees the world over - whatever the…

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Riedel Glass

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Riedel Glass Riedel offers a perfect example of a capacity to combine technological innovation with love for the product and respect for the environment, in a recipe that has taken…

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Andrea Rigoni

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Andrea Rigoni A successful entrepreneur and pioneer of industry in the choice of organic, he has guided his company towards a global path of sustainable development paying close attention to…

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Reinhold Messner

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Reinhold Messner One of the world’s top mountaineers, a true citizen of the world, he has always coupled his extraordinary undertakings with a tireless commitment to protecting the social, cultural…

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Ilaria Capua

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Ilaria CapuaWorld-famous scientist involved first-hand in the virological research and fight against anti-scientific obscurantism; her clear, patient addresses are essential in coping with the difficult months of the pandemic with…

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