Elena Cattaneo

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Elena Cattaneo Internationally renowned biologist, professor of Pharmacology at the University of Milan, where she directs the Laboratory of Stem Cell Biology. For her scientific merits she is a life…

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Paolo Fazioli

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Paolo Fazioli Entrepreneur musician, founder of the first Italian company to produce concert grand pianos, prized for the high craftsmanship and technological value and protagonists of the most prestigious musical…

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Jane da Mosto

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Jane da Mosto Scientist and environmentalist, committed to the protection of Venice and its territory. Her research ranges from environmental assessment, climate change and the strengthening of links between science…

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Roberto Battiston

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Roberto Battiston Experimental physicist, former president of the Italian Space Agency, one of the leading experts in cosmic rays. Since the beginning of the Covid, he has been keeping a…

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Attilio Scienza

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Attilio Scienza University professor and popularizer, among the leading scholars of the physiology of the vine and the interaction of the vine and territory. Fundamental his genetic studies on autochthonous…

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