The Procuratoria of St Mark’s is an ancient lagoon institution dating back to the Middle Ages, the only position of the Most Serene Republic respected by Napoleon and still recognised today. Alongside the highly representative nature of the monument that symbolises Venice worldwide and the commitment to preserve and enhance St Mark’s Basilica, UNESCO Heritage of Humanity, the institution today proposes very important cultural and museum initiatives, which qualify the city, its territory and indeed the whole of our country. More specifically, aware of the serious consequences caused by the adverse climate events, the Procuratoria is busy searching for remedies, thanks to the commitment and preparation of its technicians and masters.

The other winners of the 41th edition

Pictures and videos of the ceremony

Discover the pictures and videos of the ceremony live streaming from the romanic church in San Giorgio di Valpolicella

Cartella stampa

Il comunicato stampa, le foto e i profili dei premiati della 40° edizione.


The awards began in 1981 with the Masi Civiltà Veneta Prize, given to personalities who had their origins in the Venetian territories or with venetian family or venetian by adoption, and who had distinguished themselves in the fields of literature, art, journalism, science, the performing arts and business.